The Deep South Pioneer Museum (DSPM), located in Ogema, Saskatchewan, is the largest community owned museum in western Canada. With 31 buildings on ten acres of grounds, plus more than 150 pieces of vintage farm machinery, the collection of the  DSPM is a treasure trove of pioneer artifacts.

 Come explore the past at DSPM's pioneer village, discover the evolution of prairie farming by examining its machinery collection, and catch of the glimpse of the distant past with fossils millions of years old and aboriginal artifacts dating to 10,000 years ago. You will never think of the "Deep South" the same way again.

As the heritage of our community seemed to be slipping away, area residents stepped forward to try to preserve, for future generations, our memories in wood and steel.
In November, 1977, a society was registered as the Deep South Pioneer Museum. Interested persons from Ogema, Pangman, Bengough, Avonlea and other districts, elected the first Board of Directors.

The Museum came about as a realization of a dream, by many residents, to have a safe and permanent place to store and share their antiques and mementos of their forefathers.

 Museum volunteers have restored and presently operate over one hundred and fifty working farm tractors and equipment including a large steam powered engine which is used for a threshing demonstration every year.